Support for Education Entrepreneurs

Tools and resources to grow your education business

Selling to parents

If your education product is designed for B2C usage (without a teacher) then convincing parents about your product is key.

Selling to Schools

How to sell educational products, edtech and instructional technology to schools? Here we go through the top things to consider.

Selling to Distributors

Setting up an Educational Resellers Channel Program can be an effective route to expansion, both for physical and digital products.

Marketing to Schools

How to effectively market towards teachers, educators, professors and administrators at schools, colleges and universities?

Edtech Marketing

What is special about marketing an Edtech product? What are the best ways to get in front of decision makers and nurture these leads?

Marketing Educational Products

How to market physical education products and how it differs from Edtech marketing.

Education Business

Edtech Value Proposition

How does your educational product or service add value to customers? Recommended one day approach.

Co-developing with Educators

How do you assure that your startup solves a need for teachers? The route of co-developing Edtech.

Edtech Investor List

There are many types of Edtech Investors: Philantropic, Venture Capital, Angels, Corporate Investors etc.