Edtech Investors

Following: a long list of investors interested in education technologies.


Are you an Edtech business looking to raise funding? Chances are that some investors are interested!

For best success raising capital, contact those investors specialized in Edtech. To help you we have compiled a list below with Angels, VCs, Corporate Investors, and free grant funding!

Let’s jump straight in!

Rather interested in exiting your Edtech business entirely? Then read our article about: Selling your Edtech business.


Edtech Venture Capital Firms

There are VCs which are purely focused on Edtech, and VCs which have part of their portfolio focused on educational technology.

The below list starts with pure blooded Edtech VCs and then expand into VCs with a wider portfolio, which also includes Edtech.


Edtech Corporate Investors

Some corporate investors have been known to invest into or acquire Edtech Startups, below a few companies to look closer at.

Edtech Angel Investors

Tapping into the experience from supportive angel investors can be extremely beneficial, smart money is what it’s all about.

Edtech Free Grant Funding

Do you dream about all that cash without having to make place for investors into that cap-table? Grant funding can help you get going with your Edtech startup.

Bonus: Selling your Edtech Business

Interested in fully existing your Edtech business? There are ways of doing this as well. Read below…